Magical Little Things – Perilla Seeds

In life, most o fthe times, the most unexpected of things do the best for us and in great proportions, leaving us rather astonished at their goods. Perilla plant’s seeds are just one of such magical things.

If you suffer from symptoms of asthma, perilla seed oil is a natural product that may work directly on the immune system and prevent asthmatic reactions. Perilla is an Asian plant used for culinary and medicinal purposes in China and Japan. While traditionally the leaves are used in Chinese herbal medicine for

  • Asthma
  • Coughs

The seeds provide essential oils that have shown in several studies to reduce asthma and support healthy immune function. Perilla seed oil is not intended to be a replacement for standard medical care, however, and you should check with your doctor to make sure that perilla seed products are okay for you.

Perilla seeds are a rich source of essential oils with anti-allergic and anti-inflammatory compounds, such as rosmarinic acid. In a study published in “Experimental Biology and Medicine,” researchers from Kyoto Prefectural University of Medicine in Japan treated mice with perilla seed extract that was enriched with rosmarinic acid. The perilla seed extract reduced the symptoms of seasonal hay fever and inflammation through inhibiting white blood cells called leukocytes that cause inflammatory responses. Researchers conclude that the anti-allergy effect of perilla seeds is primarily due to the presence of rosmarinic acid, though more research is needed to confirm these results in human patients.

Perilla works on multiple levels of the immune system, helping to dampen hypersensitive reactions that might cause attacks of asthma. In a study published in “Bioscience, Biotechnology, and Biochemistry,” researchers from Teikyo University in Japan tested the effects of perilla extract in mice. Perilla had a significant anti-allergy and anti-inflammatory action on them and controlled allergic responses through reducing levels of white blood cells, prostaglandins, histamine, cytokines and IgE. In addition, perilla extract improved the symptoms of atopic dermatitis in about 70 percent of mice treated, demonstrating anti-allergy properties, both topically and internally.

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