Perilla – The Magic Cure

Perilla, is considered and in fact it is one magical cure to most of the minor problems that we face on a daily basis. This oil is considered magical mainly because of the fact that it can does a lot of good to my painful or non-painful diseases without any tricky tricks or techniques.

Perrilla frutescens, commonly referred to as perilla, is an annual plant that is native to eastern Asia, and it is a member of the mint family. The perilla plant has a long history of use in traditional Chinese medicine. Today, perilla seed oil and extracts of the dried leaves are used for a variety of health-promoting purposes. As with any herbal supplement, you should talk to your doctor before taking perilla.

Traditional Chinese medicine practitioners use perilla seeds and leaves to induce sweating and to help treat nausea, allergies, sunstroke, muscle spasms and allergic rhinoconjunctivitis. In addition, perilla leaves are used to prevent food poisoning and perilla seed Perilla leaf extract and seed oil both contain a wide variety of flavones, states “Natural Medicines Comprehensive Database.”

Flavones are plant compounds that have potent antioxidant activity and help to prevent free radical-induced damage to your cells and DNA. Flavones also bind to heavy metals and help to remove them from your body. Perilla seed oil and leaves both appear to have tumor-preventing properties. In addition, the seeds of perilla have many amaing qualities and just two of them being –

  • Cholesterol-lowering properties
  • Anti-inflammatory properties

Oil is used to prevent age-related learning deficiencies. These uses are based primarily on

anecdotal reports however, not solid scientific evidence.

Perilla seed oil is thought to increase lung function and it may be beneficial to asthma sufferers. A four-week placebo-controlled study published in the June 2000 edition of “International Archives of Allergy and Immunology” examined the effects of perilla seed oil on asthma sufferers. At the end of the four weeks, the patients taking the oil experienced a notable increase in lung capacity and enhanced air-flow capabilities.

The exact mechanism of action is unknown, but researchers suspect that perilla seed oil benefits asthma suffers because the ALA in it suppresses the production of leukotriene, which is an inflammatory substance associated with reduced respiratory function.

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