Perilla – The Culinary Herb

Perilla herb is considered to have properties that deal effectively with any kind of acute or chronic diseases with absolute ease and many people have benefitted from the great eefects of this herb.

Perilla oil dosage depends on several factors, including overall health, possible chronic conditions and age. However, for obtaining the maximum of perilla oil benefits, it is recommended to take 6.000 milligrams of this oil per day. That amount of oil contains 3,3 grams of omega-3 fatty acids.

Because it acts as a blood thinner, perilla oil is not suitable for people who are already on blood thinners and anticoagulants like warfarin and aspirin.

Some people may have an allergic reaction to perilla oil, in form of rash and itching of the skin.

Perilla oil is not recommended for pregnant and nursing women.

It is important to understand that, just like any other supplement, perilla oil should be taken together with other important nutrients, in order to assure adequate metabolic regulation in the body. However, since dietary fibers can absorb all fats, both good and bad, it is better to take perilla oil at a different time than fiber-rich foods.

Perilla (perilla frutescens) is a medicinal herb, culinary herb, craft herb and a salad herb. As a culinary herb, the leaves used for flavoring beefsteak and makes a beautifully colored vinegar when used with white wine vinegar. Perilla is said to have antibiotic properties and is used with raw fish to help control bacteria. Perilla tea is consumed to help with coughs, colds, the flu, and nausea. As a salad herb the minty-flavored leaves are tossed in salads. As a craft herb, the dried seed heads are used in wreaths.

Perilla is also known as Shisho Plant, and Beefsteak Plant.

  • Family…The family of the Shisho Plant is Lamiaceae/Labiatae
  • Climate and Light…Perilla frutescens likes full sun or part shade.
  • Soil…Beefsteak Plant likes average soil and will readily reseed.
  • Water…Shisho plant needs average water.
  • Growing Habits…Perilla is an annual that grows 3′ x 3′. Perilla frutescens has purplish flowers with purple or green leaves. The black seed pods of Shisho are very decorative.
  • Propagation…Plant the seeds of Beefsteak Plant in the spring after the last frost.
  • Harvesting and Storing…Harvest and use the leaves of perilla frutescens anytime during the growing season. The leaves of Perilla can also be dried and stored.
  • Companion Plant…Beefsteak Plant has no companion plants.

Just keep in mind that you are not to plant the green leaf variety next to the purple leaf variety due to hybridizing. Beefsteak Plant will re-seed ready and spread easily. It is often mistaken for Opal Basil or Black Coleus.

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